Payment Methods:-

A Deposit is required immediately from any successful Buyer, to reserve the car for them. Either via Bank Bacs & CHAPS payments into our Co Account, or cheque, and in rare occassions we may accept Cash. It may only be refunded if the successful Buyer comes to personally inspect the vehicle at our premises, and there is any fault or deficiency in the description, on our part. Subsequent final balance payment methods can be by Cheques; or Bank Drafts after inspection, but vehicle will only be released, upon showing clear funds in our Company Account. We can provide many References & Testimonials from all over UK & Europe concerning all our old satisfied Customers from 7 years back!

Shipping Costs:-

1. Vehicle may be picked up personally from our Shop & Office in Gravesend, Kent DA12 2JL.

This is approx 10 mins from Dartford M25 Crossing, and only 5 Mins from Europe’s largest Shopping Centre “Bluewater”. Alternatively, it is also just 5 mins from Ebbsfleet EuroStar Channel Tunnel Railway Station! This places us merely 90mins to 160mins Train Journey time from the majority of Western Europe’s Population!

2. Vehicle can be Driven Delivered anywhere in the British Isles, and Europe, at a subsidised cost, after Full Clear Payment & No Refund of Deposit.

3. Vehicle can be Delivered FULLY INSURED for “All Risks”, by Professional Transporter Trucks, all over UK, Ireland & Europe, at a subsidised cost.

4. Sometimes Vehicles can be delivered on a Personal Inspection Sale or Return Basis throughout Europe! {Return Delivery costs, with a Deposit is required in advance}. If you do not like the car, then deposit will be refunded, but not the delivery costs!

5. Vehicle can be shipped fully Insured by RORO Ferry or Container, all around the World, including Cyprus and Malta, at a subsidised cost, after FULL CLEARED PAYMENT has been received.

6. Please remember that when we Deliver and Ship the INSURED car for any Client to any Country, we are doing so at their behest, as the Customer would now be the Legal owner of the vehicle. Our role would be to facilitate this delivery for our Client/Buyer.

Buy Back Terms

1. If vehicle is stolen & recovered, or accident damaged, then the Buyback Agreement is immediately rendered NULL & VOID.

2. In case of (1); AA will still offer a Buyback price, but it will not be determined by the Guarantee given, but AA’s own assessment, which may be the best obtainable in the circumstances.

3. There will be a mileage fee applied over the Term of the Buyback Agreement.
a) This is negotiable dependant upon the car & the indicative usage.
b) Depending on the car & mileage indicated; we may dictate a minimum mileage.
c) Costs can vary from 29p per Km, right upto 89p+ vat for very expensive Exotics & are open to negotiation.
d) Any tampering or foul play suspected with the Speedometer will render the Buyback Agreement as Null & Void!

4. Only normal wear & tear is acceptable, but any small dents, dings & scrapes, or “kerbed” alloys, etc., etc., must be paid for in full replacement or repair cost; (dependant upon its severity).

5. As a confirmation of special Terms & Conditions specifically related to a particular Buyback Agreement; a signed & dated confirmation will be given to the Purchaser with his Sales Invoice.

6. Usually 6, 9 or 12m Buyback arrangements, means upto Noon on the periodical Day it ends. AA are not obliged to honour agreements any later, unless choosen to accept them voluntarily, by mutual consent.

7. For 100% Buyback Guarantee, this will normally be on the 4th or 5th Anniversary after the sale. On the 4th year Anniversary AA may choose to buy the vehicle back if Buyer so wishes, but on the 5th year Anniversary, AA have to buy it back, come what may, if Buyer insists on their 100% Buyback!

8. An annual questionaire/survey is recorded by AA, which must be adhered to, for the 100% Buyback option. An annual admin cost fee is applied for this; it varies from £98 to £198+vat. Amount will be clearly stated on purchaser’s Invoice.

9. The Car being purchased back by AA for 100% of the sum paid 4 or 5 years earlier; must be inspected & verified against annual records submitted, by Vehicle Examiners & HPi, atleast a month prior to the Buyback Anniversary. Car cannot be driven for that intervening period; (in case anything should go wrong). The cost of the Examination, HPi Check & Transportation to site; (if necessary), will be charged to the Client, at normal RAC/AA  Inspection rates, plus any travel costs, (if applicable).

10. Buyback Guarantee agreement is ONLY with the Client who has purchased the car. The Agreement is Null & Void with any other 3rd Party involved in whatever circumstance. If car is either Sold, Confiscated, Repossessed; involved with Bankruptcy, or the Registered Keeper changed in-between for whatever reason; AA do not have to honour the Buyback Agreement as stated; although voluntarily may make an offer to purchase, but are then not bound by conditions, as set out herein.

11. A Contractually bound, 3 to 6 month written notice of intention to exercise a Buyback option, is required in all circumstances. Dependant upon any special circumstances, AA may agree to overrule this voluntarily or by mutual consent, but it will always be confirmed in writing, as a certified amendment to any Buyback Agreement.

12. For International Clients, the Buyback will apply with the same basic principle. Although all the additional costs of Inspection and Transportation, etc., etc., to and from the UK, must be taken into account, as an extra cost over and above the agreed car sale price, and this sum will be excluded from the Buyback Guarantee calculations. Any Local Taxes paid by Clients upon car importation into their Country, will not be taken into account on the Buyback Guarantee.

13. Unless explicitly specified and agreed in writing and confirmed signed by the Company Director; then Arjun Auto (referred to as AA throughout these Terms & Conditions); have the right to choose to offer their Buyback price Guarantee, either in cash or as a P/ex against Company car stock, or vehicles purchased to Order. This is the Buyers/Clients own choice to make.

Currently, as a matter of principal,  due to new Legislation from 1st April 2014 we are not able to offer any sort of Finance advice or referral through our 2nd Credit Consumer Licence No 645221 which was granted by the Office of Fair Trading on 22nd July 2011 for an indefinite period for the “one-off” payment of the sum of £1,225. We are challenging this “Unfair” decision and will keep our clients abreast of any further developments.

Please Note that our LEGAL DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 Registration with the ICO.gov.uk, is still intact and valid over the last 14 Years.

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